Artificial turf at our events

In numerous events, we observe that the organizer decides to perform his act on natural grass, an ideal place to celebrate a wedding, a party or any celebration if it were not for the amount of inconvenience that entails. Finding an esplanade with a lawn that is not dry, but not muddy, that is cut at the ideal height and without holes, to avoid possible falls, or even avoid encountering certain insects that can be annoying, is a rather difficult and expensive task.

To avoid these concerns, Eme Furniture has spent years dedicating itself to the sale of artificial turf, taking care of its assembly and subsequent disassembly.

Artificial turf is an article that in all aspects is more profitable and economic in the organization of events. This is due to the low cost of maintenance, needing only to perform a series of actions periodically to extend the useful life thereof. For example, clean with a simple water hose, brush and ballast to give a better image or refresh on hot days to convey a sense of freshness to attendees.

The Eme Mobiliario company has an extensive professional career in Eastern Andalusia, specifically in the provinces of Almería, Córdoba, Granada, Jaén and Málaga, backed by 30 years of work done to our wide portfolio of clients. Trust us because we are experts in the sale of artificial turf.

Contact us at the number (+34)693 059 365 or by sending an email to the address info@ememobiliario.esand you will receive all the information you want about the purchase of artificial turf and other items for events that we have in our catalogs.

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How the lanterns decorate your bridal table

Decoration trends have confirmed it. The lanterns have become one of the essential accessories to decorate any room, corner of the home and even to give a distinguished touch to the most important events. It is precisely in this area where lanterns with different sizes, shapes and even colors gain prominence.

If you are looking for a company specialized in sale of lanterns do not stop trusting EME Mobiliario. We are experts in interior and exterior decoration. Thanks to our experience, training and knowledge of the sector we will know how to find the items that best fit your needs so that your event becomes an unforgettable moment for you and for all.

So the sale of lanterns it grows more and more. There are many people who rely on EME Furniture on special days such as weddings, baptisms, communions and graduation parties and who choose to buy lanterns to decorate corners full of personality.

For tables, gardens or outdoor spaces, lanterns are one of the most used items in decoration. The versatility and the multiplicity of uses make the lanterns are demanded by hundreds of people. In that sense, in EME Mobiliario you will find different models, shapes and finishes. If you have any questions to choose between, ask our expert decoration and interior design staff. We already give you some decorative keys such as the following:

-Neutral and clear colors are welcome at daytime events such as baptisms, communions and weddings held outdoors, in spring or summer.

-The brown, coppery and reddish tones are ideal for Christmas because they give that air of nostalgia and comfort to any home.

-Combined with vases of dried flowers and plants, the lanterns can serve as an exceptional centerpiece for distinguished events.

-In the case of creating a centerpiece with natural flowers with intense perfume always opt for no candles without odor. The same rule applies to the contrary, that is, if you choose synthetic or dry flowers you can play with the scents thanks to scented candles.

As you can see, there is a whole host of possibilities regarding the sale of lanterns. Each event has its own personality and style code and with EME Furniture you will be sure. We will wait for you!

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The success of hot dog machines in big events

EME Mobiliario is number one in the sale of furniture for hotels and events, and one of the most popular products among our customers is the hot dog machine.

The hot dog machine is an essential accessory in long-term events where you can not miss a snack that everyone likes. For this reason, it is one of the most demanded products for holding all kinds of indoor and outdoor events, such as weddings, communions, concerts, sporting events, circuses and parties. Eme Mobiliario is the largest specialist in dog machine sales in Andalusia.

The preparation of the hot dog is very simple and this is why it has proliferated in places of great assistance, because it is not necessary a large installation to be able to serve them. The ease of preparation means that it is included in the category of comfort food (that is, easy to prepare food). Nowadays, there are electrical appliances capable of producing hot dogs in a specific way. The Eme Mobiliario doggy machine is electric and has 5 rollers, with cover included. Stainless steel rollers ensure even heat transmission.

The hot dogs were sold to the public in portable stands with the capacity to keep sausages hot for a long time. The first stands were street and later moved to high congregation sites such as baseball stadiums in the USA. Little by little they also became popular in other parts of the world and Eme Mobliliario brought them closer to Andalusia through their dog-bar machine sales.

So, if you are looking for a company specialized in the dog machine sale , contact us by filling out the form, sending an email to or by calling 693 059 365.

In addition to the dog machine sale , Eme Mobiliario also specializes in the sale of chairs, tables, tents, decoration, stages, furniture led, umbrellas, machinery and household goods for the celebration of all kinds of events, such as weddings, baptisms, communions, concerts, congresses, etc.

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